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Aesthetics and Craft & Technology

Our Family

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Name Email Address Office Number
Clara Chua (Mrs)
HOD Aesthetics
teo_phin-phin_clara@moe.edu.sg 6500 7111
Dennis Loy (Mr) 
SH Design & Technology
loy_suan_doong@moe.edu.sg 6500 7186 
Danny Koh (Mr) koh_peng_hwee@moe.edu.sg  6500 4230 
Jamaliah (Mdm)  jamaliah_mohd_ramzan@moe.edu.sg 6500 4238
K Saraswathi (Ms) k_saraswathi@moe.edu.sg  6500 4232  
Kevin Lean (Mr)  lean_zhi_hong_kevin@moe.edu.sg
6500 7177
Lim Ying Hui (Ms)lim_ying_hui@moe.edu.sg 6500 7188
Low Lai Mei (Ms)low_lai_mei@moe.edu.sg
6500 7165
Mabel Loon (Miss) loon_ting_ting@moe.edu.sg 6500 4203
Nur Aqilah (Ms) nur_aqilah_johari@moe.edu.sg 6500 7164
Ong Theng Choo (Mdm) ong_theng_choo@moe.edu.sg  6500 7163
Quan Wing Wah (Mr)quan_wing_wah@moe.edu.sg 6500 7199 
Wee-Lai Hung Lan (Mrs)lai_hung_lan@moe.edu.sg 6500 4228 
Yong Teck Sin (Mr) yong_teck_sin@moe.edu.sg  6500 7187

Our Mission

Nurturing Each Child To Be Creative, Critical And Confident Learners; And To Prepare Them To Become Enterprising Individuals Who Appreciate Arts.

Our Signature Programmes

  Aesthetics Department
Programme NameDetails
Guitar ProgrammeAll lower secondary students will be able to play the guitar fluently. Pop songs are introduced to add more interest and fun to the whole music-making process.  Our students will be exposed to the fundamentals of guitar playing and also be provided with opportunities to appreciate the different types of art forms. The guitar programme will allow them to pursue creative self-expression and they will surely enjoy the learning experience through individual playing and ensemble playing.
Print-Making Programme

3X-Print project (eXplore, eXperiment & eXpress) aims to inculcate in our students an attitude of inquiry through the exposure of various printmaking techniques. This programme will be a platform for our students to explore different possibilities in one's art making processes. The programme aims to encourage our students to take risks and innovate while expressing themselves artistically. 

  Craft & Technology Department
Programme NameDetails 
Sec 1 - "From Farm to Plate" Signature Programme
(Food and Consumer Education Unit)

A programme uniquely tailored to enrich and raise awareness among our students on a range of local produce. We aim to develop our students to be discerning consumers who promote food sustainablility through our FCE curriculum and a fieldtrip. To enhance parental involvement, we also organise a culinary session "Our Date with Dad" for our Dads to join their children in cooking. They share cooking tips and present their family dishes to share with all. This programme would surely enrich our students' FCE learning, expose them to our local produce while enjoying the bonding experience with their families. 

Sec 2 - Design For A Cause Series 

This programme is designed to equip our students with design thinking skills to empathise the critical needs of our target groups. Our students are taught to define the groups' situations accurately and ideate for solutions to address their needs. Their ideas are conceptualised through mock-ups and model-making through 3-D printing via SolidWork software. The students' projects are showcased during Innovation Day.

Sec 3 - Advanced SolidWork and "Sketching" Clinic

This programme is aimed to strengthen our students' ICT skills through the use of SolidWork to design and fabricate their prototypes' parts. This ignites innovative sparks of our students.  It also provides platforms where their prototypes can be tested for marketability. This programme is part of our talent development programme to stretch our higher ability students.

Our Belief

Through the Art and Craft & Technology (A.C.T) programmes, our students are more aware of the values and roles of the Arts in society to appreciate the deeper forms of beauty in life and develop awareness of design appreciation and design-thinking.

We aim to provide:
1) breadth of learning through broad-based curriculum and diverse arts experiences; and
2) depth of learning through deepening understanding and appreciation of specific arts forms.

Our Achievements

Aesthetics Department
YearAchievementsFull Name/ClassDetails
2016NP-BCA Design ChallengeWong Zi Ching (3S9) 
Sui Jing  (3S9)
Adam Saifullah (3S9)

Best Aesthetics Award
Merit Award
2016 NP-BCA Design Challenge Olivia Chan (3S3)
See Fu Jun (3S3)
Chuah Shang Yao (3S7)
Poon Mei Jun (3S9) 
 Silver Award
2014 National School Digital Media Competition Wong Zi Ching (1R7)
Genevieve Chan (1R7)
Goh Yi Xuan (1R7)
Peh Shu Hui (1R7) 
Ryan Lin (2I5)
Lee Yoon Teng (2I5)
Seevaudan Cata Nathakumar (2I5)
4 Merit, 3 Certificates of Recognition 
2013Heartland Beat Art CompetitionFadilah B Majinin (3S3) Category C (Secondary 1-5) 
1st Prize 
2013 Heartland Beat Art CompetitionLi Wanyi (4R6)  Category C (Secondary 1-5) Merit 

Craft & Technology 
YearAchievementsFull Name/ClassDetails
2014Design & Technology Awards 2014
Eng Wan Hao 
(5E1 2013)
Creative Innovation Award
2014Singapore Polytechnic-- Young Entrepreneurship Challenge-Top 6 Finalist
2014Republic Polytechnic - ICHEF Competition
Top 100 Team to qualify for the heats among 234 teams. 
2012Singapore Polytechnic - National Toy Design Competition -Top 10 Finalist 
Ngee Ann Polytechnic
- National Bridge Building Competition
 -Most Innovative Team Award