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English Language & Literature

OUR Family

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Name Email Address Office Number
Seah-Teo Ching Ling (Mrs)
HOD English Language
teo_ching_ling@moe.edu.sg 6500 7117
Serene Tan (Ms) 
SH English Language
tan_yun_rui_serene@moe.edu.sg 6500 7126 
Norhaiza (Ms)
ST English Language
6500 7185
Ang-Aw Hui Teng (Mrs)aw_hui_teng@moe.edu.sg6500 7199
Angeline Chua (Miss)  chua_wan_ching_angeline@moe.edu.sg 6500 7122
Farah (Ms) farah_rosalan@moe.edu.sg  6500 7155 
Foo Xiao Chih (Ms) foo_xiao_chih@moe.edu.sg 6500 7181
Giselle Lim (Miss) jiahui_lim@moe.edu.sg   6500 7131 
Janet Xu (Miss) xu_bixian_janet@moe.edu.sg  6500 7184 
Melissa Wee (Miss)
6500 7183
Rachel Liau (Miss) liau_jia_yu_rachel@moe.edu.sg 6500 7123
Sharon Tham (Miss)
tham_kum_chee@moe.edu.sg 6500 7182
Smithy Methias (Mr) smithy_methiasyusoef_adam@moe.edu.sg   6500 7124
Syafiqah (Ms) syafiqah_zaini@moe.edu.sg  6500 7154 
Valerie Co (Miss)sharon_valerie_c_co@moe.edu.sg 6500 7125

OUR Mission

Developing rational thinkers, confident communicators, and cultured youths who appreciate the literary arts.

OUR Belief

English opens the door to knowledge, productivity and beauty, and that every Fuhuanite can be guided to walk through that door.

OUR Signature Programmes

Programme Name Details
Walk The Talk


• Hone reading aloud skills 

• Build public speaking and presentation skills 

• Enhance students' general and current affairs knowledge and vocabulary

This programme serves to build the oracy skills of lower secondary students in the areas of reading aloud and speaking so that they can become effective and confident communicators. This is achieved via activity-based lessons that teach students: 

• accurate pronunciation and articulation,

• expressive reading with an awareness of purpose, audience and context,

• general knowledge with a thematic approach,

• quality speech crafting,

• confident delivery in front of an audience.

Students are then assessed on their reading aloud and speaking skills.



•Enhance the capability of high-ability students

•Promote creativity

•Stretch intellectual capacity

•Engage students in national and global issues

IGNIS is the talent development programme of the department which develops the writing, reporting and hosting talents of students in Fuhua. It serves as a platform for Fuhua’s creative writers to showcase and expand their creativity through crafting quality pieces of work and representing the school in various national and international writing competitions. Potential reporters are selected to cover major school events whose final pieces will be uploaded onto the school website for communication and publicity purposes. Students who are a natural on the stage will be given opportunities to be emcees for school and level wide events to boost their confidence as effective communicators.  

OUR Achievements

Year  Name of Competiiton Achievement
2016 The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 
  • 1 High Distinction
    • Niu Kai Henn (2I2)
  • 9 Distinction
    • Lum Qi Kang (1R1)
    • Das Sayali (1R1)
    • Janna Leong (1R3)
    • Evie Low (1R3)
    • Nakata Laori (1R4)
    • Aryan B Mohamed Isran (2I1)
    • Jarrell Chua Tse Yong (2I2)
    • Ong Seng Hoe Hymn (2I2)
    • Liim Sing Yew Louis (2I4)
  • 56 Credit
  • 56 Merit
2015The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools  
  • 8 Distinction
  • 41 Credit
  • 56 Merit 
2015 LKY Tribute Poetry Writing Competition
organised by Teens Network for Jurong GRC
Top 5 entries 
2014  Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition
  • Senior Category Silver : Douglas Yap (3S3)
  • Junior Category Silver: Noor Hikmah Bte Azman (2I3)
  • Junior Category Bronze: Ng Huixin (2I1)
  • Junior Category Bronze: Karie Chua (2I2) 
2014 The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools 
  • 6 Distinction
  • 62 Credit
  • 46 Merit
2014 Civica Tales of 'S' eBook Competition Published work by:
  • Ng Yanzhi (2I1), 
  • Jonathan Mak (3S3)
2013 The Royal Commonwealth Society
Commonwealth Essay Competition
  • Junior Category Silver: Douglas Yap (2I2)
  • Junior Category Bronze: Xu Kai Chao William (2I4)
  • Senior Category Bronze: Wong Yang Yeow (2I2)
2013  Kampung Senang 14th Essay Competition Merit Prize:
  • Chen Huili (2I1)
  • Cheong Mei Jun (2I1)
  • Wong Yan Han (2I1)
  • Douglas Yap (2I2)
  • Wong Yang Yeow (2I2)
  • Hor Xin Ying (2I4)
  • Madhumita (2I4)
  • Wong Ka Wei (2I4)
  • Nang Yvonne (2I4)
 2012 Kampung Senang 13th Essay Competition
  • 1st Prize: Khong Yong Sheng (2I1)
  • 3rd Prize: Er Wan Khim (2I3)
  • Merit Prize: Eris Jacey Masagca (2I1)