OUR Family

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Name Email Address Office Number
Wendy Ng (Mrs)
HOD Humanities 6500 7113
Stella Koh (Miss)
HOD Character & Citizenship Education 6500 7114 
Chan Bijun (Ms)
SH Character & Citizenship Education 6500 7144
T Deepa (Ms)
SH History (Internal)  6500 7127 
Chiong Yin Fung (Mr)
Assistant Year Head (Internal) 6500 7129
Fong Meng Tuck (Mr)  6500 7140 
Gladys Siah (Miss) 6500 7151
Ian Chan (Mr)  6500 7128
Ian Tai (Mr)
6500 7142
Kwa Chia Rhun (Mr)  6500 7139 
Leong Mui Seng (Mdm) 6500 7141
Jacqueline Loh(Miss)  6500 7143 
Muhammad Fitri (Mr) 6500 7130
Wong Jiao Mei (Miss) 6500 7132           

OUR Mission

To instill in students an appreciation of the world; by developing empathy and critical thinking.

OUR Vision

Concerned and contributing citizens who are global in outlook and local at heart through Humanities Education.

OUR Belief

  • Pursuit of academic excellence
  • A positive and committed team
  • Reflective practitioners who are nurturing and developmental
  • promoting authentic and experiential learning

OUR Signature Programmes

Programme Name Details

Secondary 1 Geography - Interactive Humanities Learning Trail - MacRitchie Reservoir

Using mobile devices, students go through several interactive activities to find out more about the natural vegetation and water quality of MacRitchie Reservoir.

Secondary 1 History - Historical Investigations – Singapore before 1819

Students find out more about what life was like before 1819 by going to the National Museum.

Secondary 2 History - Interactive Humanities Learning Trail Using mobile devices, students go through several interactive activities to find out more about life under the Japanese occupation. 
Overseas Humanities Trip

Secondary 3 students embark on an overseas Humanities Trip, which comprises Geography, History and Social Studies elements.

Humanities NightSecondary 3 Normal (Academic) students participate in an overnight camp which provides them with opportunities to apply and draw connections between concepts they have learnt and the real world. 

OUR Achievements

Year Achievements Awardee's Full Name /Class Details
20154th Inter-School History Challenge (War & Diplomacy 1918-1945 History Card Game) 

1st Runner-Up  
2014 NUS Geography Challenge
Celine Ng Ziqi / 4E4
Thye Chin Meih / 4E4
Seng Ye Xiang / 4E4
Huang Bin Melville / 4E4

Team Award - Semi-finalists
Individual Awards (Top 120)
Celine Ng Ziqi/4E4 - Bronze
Seng Ye Xiang/4R4 - Bronze


NUS Geography Challenge

Jacelyn Loh Jie Ning / 4E1
Miracle Grace Tullao Ong / 4E1
Ng Sheng Liang / 4E4
Marcus Chan Sai Hoong / 4E4



MOE Excel Festival – Lower Secondary Oral History

Phua Zheng Xuan / 2I3
Yee Zhen Hong / 2I3
Brena Tan / 2I3
Kong Jian Hua / 2I3
Eugene Ng / 2I4
Gan Yu / 2I4
Germaine Lai / 2I4
Keith Cheang / 2I4
Lim Wan Qing / 2I3
Soh Hui Yun / 2I3
Rusya Bte Aris / 2I3