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Infocomm Technology

OUR Family

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Name Email  Office Number
Soo Wee Chun (Mr)
HOD Information and Communication Technology           
soo_wee_chun@moe.edu.sg 6500 7156
ICT Specialist Members
Veevekanandan (Mr)  veevekanandan_a@moe.edu.sg  6500 4227
Shahrizan (Mr)  shahrizans@ncs.com.sg 6500 4227 
Alston Koh (Mr)  kwangkienk@ncs.com.sg  6500 4227 
ICT Committee Members
Kelvin Yu (Mr) yu_hui_jian_kelvin@moe.edu.sg 6500 4239 
Lim Ying Hui (Ms)
6500 7188
Phang Shi Hui (Ms)phang_shi_hui@moe.edu.sg6500 4225
Syafiqah (Ms)syafiqah_zaini@moe.edu.sg6500 7154
Juraiza (Mdm)juraiza_sapiee@moe.edu.sg 
6500 4211
Siti Khadijah (Mdm) 
6500 4211

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OUR Mission

To promote Responsible, Effective & Discerning ICT users with the capacity for Higher Order Thinking (REDHOT@Fuhua)

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OUR Beliefs

ICT for effective teaching and learning can be achieved with the implementation of 3 enablers: Leadership, Ownership and Partnership.

  1. Leadership - School Leaders & Middle Managers drive ICT in Teaching & Learning and Character Development for 21st Century Competencies Outcomes.
  2. Ownership - Teachers take ownership of integrating ICT effectively to enrich students’ learning & development. Students take ownership of their own learning (SDL).
  3. Partnership - Teachers collaborate and share expertise and knowledge while students learn and work collaboratively (CoL) in an ICT-enriched environment.

OUR Signature Programmes

The ICT Skills Integrated Programme (IP) for Sec 1 


Repositioned as a school based curriculum, the Integrated Programme (IP) was completed in 2014. The curriculum resources tapped on CCE-Cyber Wellness lesson packages which were infused with original ICT Enrichment skills and updated with new group activities revolving around recent Cyber Wellness case studies.

In 2016, the project work has been revamped to have more connections to real-world problems. Students learnt how to collect and interpret data with Google apps. Students used the outcome to draw info-graphics. 

Levels of students / number of students involved

Sec 1 Express and Normal Academic students

ICAS - Digital Technologies


The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Examination aims to motivate students to embrace ICT and the importance of using it responsibly.

Special Activities

Selected students learnt the following ICT skills:
  • Operating systems and computer hardware
  • Networks and communications systems
  • Word processing
  • Graphics and multimedia
  • Create spreadsheets and databases
  • Responsible Internet use
  • Email programs

Enhanced CCE-Cyber Wellness Education Package 


Students attentive during a training session


Students presenting Cyber Wellness lessons

This Enhanced CCE-CW Package comprises of the following:

  • Cyber Wellness Advocacy and Leadership Training Programme
  • Refined Cyber Wellness Lesson Packages 
  • Cyber Wellness Cohort-based Assembly Talks
  • Sec 1 to 3 Class CCE-Cyber Wellness Project
  • Sec 1 Cyber Wellness Modules (Part of the Sec 1 ICT Skills IP)

Cyber Wellness Advocacy and Leadership Training Programme


This programme is a leadership training project dedicated to Sec 1 to 2 Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors.

Special Activities

All Sec 1 to 3 Class Cyber Wellness Ambassadors went through a 2-day leadership training workshop in March where they learnt to identify the different pitfalls of overusing the Internet (eg: gaming). 

They were also equipped with skills to give a presentation about what they learnt. They started the CCE-Cyber Wellness lessons with the presentation of their learning journey.  They also led in the Class Cyber Wellness Project.

Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors who completed the entire programme were awarded with certificates.

Sec 1 to 3 Class CCE-Cyber Wellness Project

The project was part of the CCE curriculum and was carried out for two consecutive weeks. In groups, students came together to brainstorm ideas to showcase the various approaches that should be taken to ensure healthy usage of ICT. 

Upon completion, selected projects will be showcased in an exhibition and students will be given the platform to present their work. 

Home Based Learning 


Home Based Learning (HBL) aims to prepare students and teachers for online lessons in the event school is shut down for various reasons (eg: SARS, Haze, etc.)

Special Activities

With the help of the Learning Management System (LMS), students completed online lessons within a stipulated time. Teachers were encouraged to explore the LMS and design lessons that were fun, engaging and meaningful. 

OUR Achievements

Year  Achievements
2016  The International  Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Digital Technologies: 
 1 High Distinction: LEE CHEN WEI XAVI (1R1), 3 Distinction, 8 Credit, 2 Merit and 6 Participation Awards.

LEE CHEN WEI XAVI is at 99th percentile in Singapore and 92th percentile at the International level.
The International  Competitions and Assessments for Schools - Digital Technologies: 
4 Distinction, 5 Merit, 1 Participation Awards. 

Team: 1st Runner-Up
2012 Go Safe Online Facebook Challenge (Organised by Cyber Security Awareness Alliance): Individual Award: 1st, 1st Runner-Up
2012  Cyber Wellness Young Achievers Programme (Organised by Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association ): 
18 Cyber Wellness Young Achievers from Sec 3 completed the certification.