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Mother Tongue Languages

OUR Family

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Name Email Address Office Number
Tok Yen Peng (Mdm)
HOD Mother Tongue Languages
tok_yen_peng@moe.edu.sg 6500 7118
Soo Wee Chun (Mr)
HOD Information & Communication Technology
soo_wee_chun@moe.edu.sg 6500 7156  
Rohana (Mdm)
ST Malay Language
rohana_ismail@moe.edu.sg 6500 7135 
Chong Wai Jiunn (Mr)chong_wai_jiunn@moe.edu.sg 6500 4203
He Tianchan (Mdm) he_tianchan@moe.edu.sg 6500 7134 
Huang Haiying (Mdm) huang_haiying@moe.edu.sg 6500 4236
Lee Heng Han (Mr)
6500 7133
Ng Khong Keong (Mr)  ng_khong_keong@moe.edu.sg  6500 7119 
Nurfarhana (Mdm) nurfarhana_kamalruzaman@moe.edu.sg 
6500 7136
Nur Hafizah (Ms) nur_hafizah_ismail_a@moe.edu.sg 6500 7137
Phang Shi Hui (Ms) phang_shi_hui@moe.edu.sg  6500 4225 
Siti Rohani (Miss)  siti_rohani_hanim_selamat@moe.edu.sg  6500 7138 
Tan Chow Fei (Miss) tan_chow_fei@moe.edu.sg 6500 4224
Wong Chiaw Tze (Miss)  wong_chiaw_tze@moe.edu.sg  6500 4223 
Woo Wen Qi (Miss) wen_qi_woo@moe.edu.sg 6500 7121 
Yu Ying (Ms) yu_ying@moe.edu.sg 6500 4237 
Yuan Huey Mei (Miss) yuan_huey_mei@moe.edu.sg  6500 7120 

OUR Vision and Mission


To nurture active learners and proficient users of Mother Tongue Languages.


To work towards our vision through

  • strengthening communication skills of our younger generation; 
  • cultivating cultural awareness and appreciation of their roots;
  • enabling young Singaporeans to connect with similar language communities across Asia and the world. 

Our Belief

1. We believe that customised Mother Tongue Languages curriculum can help to meet the learning needs of our diverse student profile.

2. We believe that Mother Tongue Languages can help to strengthen the bonding within each community and reinforce each student’s sense of cultural heritage.

OUR Signature Programmes

Programme Name Details
Chinese Cultural Immersion Programme

All lower secondary students in the Express Stream will be offered a Chinese Cultural Immersion Programme. It is a school-based subject where students learn about the history and development of traditional Chinese culture such as costumes, cuisines, architecture, Chinese Medicine, and wedding ceremonies. Each 45-minute lesson consists of  teaching, a learning activity and an assessment.

Nadi Sastera Nadi Sastera is to enrich students’ learning by providing a platform for students to challenge their proficiency in the Malay Language based on their passion and skills.  This programme is divided into two segments: Reading and Drama. The first phase is to analyse and study in-depth a selected text to understand the complexity of the issues surfaced through Circle Time. The second phase is to bring learning to life through drama. 
Mother Tongue (MT) Fortnight Programme

All students taking CL and ML as their Mother Tongue subjects are eligible to participate in the programme. MT Fortnight enables our students to appreciate their Mother Tongue and the culture from not only traditional points of view but also contemporary perspectives. 

OUR Achievements

Year Achievements
2016  Gema Puisi Artistik - 2nd Place, Naskhah Terbaik (Best Scrip) Award 
2016Zoombara Amazing Race - Most Hardworking Team, Most Sporting Team
2016第31届全国中学相声表演赛 - 优胜奖 
31st National Chinese Cross Talk Competition - Merit Award
2016"新 蕾 奖" 全国中学生华文创作比赛 - 高年级三等奖,低年级三等奖
14th National Chinese Creative Writing Competition - Upper Sec Third Prize, Lower Sec Third Prize
2015 SG50 Chinese Calligraphy Competition - 1 Merit Prize
2015 Words Go Round Newspaper Blackout Poetry Contest - 2 Merit Awards
2015 Learn Chinese Inspire Life Writing Competition 
  • Wang Rui (2I3) - High Distinction
  • Wu Changjun (3S1) - Distinction
  • Ashley Pek Shui Feng (3S1) - Merit
  • Jasmine Chua Shi Ming (3S1) - Merit
2014  "Love Chinese, Inspire Life 乐学华文,点亮心灯 " National Chinese Writing Competition (Secondary School Category)  
  • Overall Championship & Distinction: Mei Ruoying, 4E1
  • Distinction: Lin Biyun, 3S2
  • Distinction: Fan Yunan, 4E1
  • Merit: Zhu Jintao, 4E2
  • Merit: Wang Rui, 1R3
2014  14th National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition 2014
"新 蕾 奖" 全国中学生华文创作比赛  2014:  Third Prize for Lower Sec Category
2014Gema Puisi Artistik - Best Props & Costume Award
  • Safi Inara Sa'ad, 2I1
  • Iris Zulfa Md Isa, 2I1
  • Asyrani Abu Bakar, 2I3
  • Tengku Abdul Muiz, 2I5
  • Abdul Muhaimin Abdul Rashid, 2I6
  • Iqmal Hakiem Kamsin, 2I6
  • Muhammad Ardian Misrajee, 2I6
  • Nur Sahirah Rosli, 3S9
2014Gerakkan Kaki Gunakan Minda - Best Kampung Award
  • Hani Elias, 3S3
  • Nurul Sabrina Mohd Rizal, 3S5
  • Siti Namirah Roslan, 3S4
2014Inter-School Skit Competition - 1st Place
  • Muhammad Hasif Kassim, 1R1
  • Khairuzzad Al Hikmah, iR3
2014Piala Cendekla Sahibba - 5th Place
  • Nur Hazim Norhaizat, 2I1
  • Irfan Ajie Prasetya, 3S4