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Teachers' Day 2018

Teachers' Day 2018

Teachers' Day 2018

Wondering why Term 3 at Fuhua Secondary ended with a blast? Well, that is because the Teachers' Day Celebration this year was graced by our Superhuman teachers -- going through unimaginable feats, doing the impossible to change the lives of the future generation for the better. 

Our Prefectorial Board initiated a 'Teachers Appreciation Week', where we penned down our thanks to our teachers on post-it notes and pinned them on to the noticeboards at the spiral stairs. Selected notes were also read out each morning, in the week leading up to Teachers' Day.

The day started out with the class parties planned by the class leaders for their teachers. Besides eating, drinking and merry-making, many classes used the opportunity to express their gratitude to all that their teachers have done for them this year. 

Next up was the concert, which saw many Fuhuanites putting together their talent and effort to demonstrate their appreciation for their teachers. A humorous skit which depicted the distinctive traits of teachers, aptly captured by the student actors, garnered much applause! The games segments interspersing the items also got everyone excited, and our teachers gamely participated in Human Tic-tac-toe and Infinity War: Fuhua Edition as well!

The teachers were also treated to a sumptuous lunch after the concert, lovingly prepared by our PSG. There was even live music, with our parents strumming their guitars and singing along to evergreen tunes.

A special note needs to go out to our SAC: Teachers' Day high tea was organised and sponsored by our SWBC and SAC respectively, the day before, at the Chevrons. Thank you, SAC, and our school leaders for the wonderful experience!