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DSA through ALP in Forensic Science 

Fuhua Secondary School through the offering of the STEM-based Applied Learning Programmes in Forensic Science hopes to nurture strong thinkers and skillful problem-solvers to prepare them to take on the complexities and challenges in the globalised world. 

The Forensic Science@Fuhua programme seeks to: 
  • infuse scientific thinking and logical reasoning through hands-on activities, case studies and investigative techniques in the field of forensic science. 
  • develop competencies such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem-solving skills through problem-based learning.
  • develop in our students a passion for STEM-related careers. 

The Fuhua DSA-Sec Exercise focussing on the ALP seeks to admit students who possess a strong passion and aptitude for Science. We are looking for Primary 6 students with the following qualities: 

  1. Academic Performance
    • Good academic performance for Primary 5 (Overall) and Primary 6 (SA1), with evidence of mastery in the learning of Science. 
  2. Character
    • Conduct Grade of 'Good' or better in Primary 5 and 6. 
  3. Participation in Science-related activities
    • Participation and achievements in science-related activities, projects, programmes and / or competitions at the school / cluster / zone / national levels.  E.g. Science Olympiad, ICAS, Sony Creative Science Award, Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award, Singapore Youth Science Festival, National Junior Robotics Competition, Attainment of Young Scientists badges, participation in other science fairs and competitions etc. 

Shortlisted applicants will be assessed through video conferencing. They will be assessed on both their demonstrated and potential abilities and qualities, through interviews and performance tasks during the video conferencing.