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DSA through Sports: Badminton, Shooting and Table Tennis

Fuhua Secondary School's Learning for Life Programme, Leadership through Service, seeks to equip students with the necessary project management skills and leadership skills through workshops and experiential learning in collaboration with community partners. All successful applicants under this DSA scheme will be allocated a Sports CCA as their CCA. 

The Fuhua DSA-Sec Exercise focussing on Badminton, Shooting and Table Tennis seeks to admit students who have demonstrated good leadership qualities and a strong interest and talent in Sports. Students who are admitted through this DSA are expected to be part of the school's Learning for Life programme "Leadership through Service" and also participate actively in their allocated Sports CCA. 

We are looking for Primary 6 students with the following qualities: 

  1. Leadership
    • Demonstrated leadership in primary school as a Prefect, Class Monitor, and/or CCA leader etc.
    • Have exhibited integrity, keen interest and commitment to serve and lead in their CCA in primary school. 
  2. Character
    • Conduct Grade of 'Good' or better in Primary 5 and 6. 
  3. Participation in Sports
    • Demonstrate strong interest and talent in sports beyond the abilities of students in the same age group and/or have a history of accomplished performance at the national and/or international level.

Shortlisted applicants will be assessed through video conferencing. They will be assessed on both their demonstrated and potential abilities and qualities, through interviews and performance tasks during the video conferencing.