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MTL Online Reading Resources

Dear MTL Students,

During this mid-term break, do dive in to read the following resources to keep your Mother Tongue Languages proficient! We should read pervasively and regularly, to work towards becoming Active Learners and Proficient Users of Mother Tongue Languages (乐学和善用母语者; Memupuk pelajar supaya cergas dan cekap dalam penggunaan bahasa ibunda):

E-books in Chinese Language:

1.     漫画《这一班乖乖呆在家》14册免费迷你电子书:https://we.tl/t-10c0jRoYaO

2. 尤今励志小品系列之16共六本电子书:https://we.tl/t-DNPSozjcTO








3. 虎威的旅游故事《四海漫游》全本电子书https://we.tl/t-ftqGg1aB9G

E-books in Malay Language:

1. Sign in FHSS Gmail account first, click to access https://tinyurl.com/malayebuku