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Aesthetics and Craft & Technology

Creative and enterprising Fuhuanites who appreciate the arts

To unleash the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Fuhuanites through the arts

The approach to the teaching and learning of Aesthetics and Craft & Technology subjects involves infusing and translating concepts and theories that the students learn during lessons into new design ideas and projects.
  • Art & Music: Promote artistic experimentation, expression and discovery to strengthen students’ experience
  • Design & Technology: Design new solutions based on the identified user needs
  • Nutrition & Food Science: Design food concepts centring on menu development, nutrition, cooking techniques and aesthetic presentation

Key Programmes
3X-Print (eXplore, eXperiment & eXpress)
3X-Print aims to inculcate in students the attitude of inquiry through the exposure of various printmaking techniques. This programme is a platform for students to explore different possibilities in their art-making processes. The programme aims to encourage them to take risks and innovate while expressing themselves artistically.

Design For A Cause
This programme is designed to equip students with design thinking skills to empathise the critical needs of identified groups. Students are taught to define the groups' situations accurately and ideate solutions to address their needs. Their ideas are conceptualised through mock-ups and model-making through 3-D printing.

Sing & Strum
All lower secondary students will go through the fundamental guitar-playing course. Students learn by playing pop songs, allowing for the joy of learning as it is the preferred genre among teenagers. Some of them enhance their learning by furthering their musical journey through music improvisation or composition.

Farm To Plate
Farm To Plate aims to enrich and raise awareness among students on the wide range of local produce. To encourage parental involvement, the department organises a culinary session "Our Date with Dad" for fathers to join their children in cooking. This programme enriches students' learning, expose them to local produce while enjoying the bonding experience with their fathers.