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English Language and Literature

Fuhuanites who are confident and thinking communicators 

To instil in Fuhuanites the love for the language and equip them with the skills to use it effectively

The approach to the teaching and learning of English Language involves:
  1. Implementing an upwards spiralling and progressive curriculum
  2. Using systematic and explicit instruction in a language-rich environment
  3. Providing opportunities for students' active participation in the use of the language

Key Programmes
Walk The Talk
Walk The Talk develops the oracy skills of lower secondary students in the areas of reading aloud and public speaking so that they can become effective and confident communicators. Secondary One students focus on personal themes and issues while Secondary Two students work on lending their voice on an issue they would like to be an advocate for. 

This is achieved via activity-based lessons with the following objectives: 
  • Hone reading aloud skills
  • Build public speaking & presentation skills
  • Enhance students’ general & current affairs knowledge and vocabulary
Ignis develops the writing, reporting and speaking talents of students. It also provides them with opportunities to develop 21st century competencies such as Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills (21CC) using simulations of United Nations committee discussions, within school and externally, as platforms. Ignis enables creative writers to hone their creativity through crafting pieces of work and representing the school in various national and international writing competitions. Reporters selected to cover major school events will see their work be uploaded onto the school website and official Facebook page for communication and publicity purposes. Speakers are given opportunities to speak at school- and level-wide events to boost their confidence as effective communicators.

This is achieved through experiences beyond the classroom with the following objectives:
  • Enhance the linguistic capability of students
  • Promote creativity
  • Stretch intellectual capacity
  • Engage students in national and global issues