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Concerned and contributing citizens who are global in outlook and rooted to Singapore

To develop empathetic, passionate and thoughtful Fuhuanites who contribute positively to society

The approach to the teaching and learning of Humanities involves:
  1. Promoting authentic and experiential learning;
  2. Developing analytical and critical thinking through inquiry; and
  3. Strengthening disciplinary thinking

Key programmes
Authentic and experiential learning experiences
The suite of authentic and experiential learning experiences allows students to make connections between the learning they are doing in the classroom and the world. Students immerse in experiences which encourage reflection to hone existing and develop new skills, attitudes and dispositions.

(i) Beyond Borders: Humanities Overseas Cultural Immersion
Secondary 3 students embark on an overseas Humanities immersion programme to gain a more comprehensive understanding of different ideas and perspectives about the world, and recognise and appreciate diversity by empathising and respecting other cultures.

(ii) Humanities Alive!
Secondary 3 Express and Normal (Academic) students participate in various learning journeys which provide them with opportunities to apply and draw connections between concepts they have learnt and the real world.

Interactive Humanities Learning Trails
Interactive Humanities Learning Trails is a platform for students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills through Inquiry-based Learning. Using mobile devices, students go through the process of reasoning and constructing meaning. They are also introduced to data and information skills, which include the collection, analysis and representation of data.

Illuminate aims to strengthen disciplinary thinking among the talented Fuhuanites. It provides opportunities for students to develop a greater interest and passion for the Humanities beyond what is taught in the classroom.

(i) Humanities Challenge
The Humanities Challenge is a platform that enriches the lower secondary Humanities curriculum. It is also part of the department’s efforts to identify and groom students who are talented in the Humanities.

(ii) External Competitions
Students also have the opportunity to take part in the following external competitions:
  • NUS Geography Challenge
  • MOE History Challenge
  • ASEAN Quiz
  • War & Diplomacy History Card Game Challenge