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Fuhuanites: Problem Solvers for the 21st Century

To nurture Fuhuanites who are able to think practically, critically and systematically

The approach to the teaching and learning of Mathematics involves:
  1. (PRACTICAL) Engaging students with problems in a real-world context, with a focus on Financial Literacy;
  2. (CRITICAL) Inculcating in students the heuristics for solving problems as well as metacognition to reflect on their solutions; and
  3. (SYSTEMATIC) Cultivating in students the ability to think algorithmically and explain clearly

Key Programmes 
福 HUAT! Financial Literacy Programme 
福 HUAT! is a signature programme to teach students more about (i) Practical Personal Finance to help them plan for the future and introduce concepts centred on (ii) Social Entrepreneurship to engage students in finding business solutions to serve the community at large. 

(i) Practical Personal Finance
Students are walked through financial literacy modules on topics ranging from Income Tax, HDB Home Loans to GST. 

(ii) Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship focuses on learning from practices of successful social enterprises, and designing business solutions that tackle real-world problems. Platforms include the Social Innovation Relay workshop and Young Technopreneur Challenge.

Infinity+ aims to develop problem solving heuristics. Identified students attend pull-out classes to widen their repertoire of mathematical concepts (e.g. Number Theory, Permutation and Combination, etc.). Since 2017, a youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/chenhongming) has been set up to support the learning of advanced topics while keeping the face-to-face lectures to revolve around Polya's problem solving techniques (E.g. Thinking backwards, Looking for a pattern, Considering special cases, etc.).