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Mother Tongue Languages

Fuhuanites: Active Learners and Proficient Users of Mother Tongue Languages

To instil in Fuhuanites the love for the Mother Tongue language and culture, and to develop proficient and effective communicators

The approach to the teaching and learning of Mother Tongue Languages involves:
  1. Strengthening communication skills of our younger generation
  2. Promoting the awareness and appreciation of our cultural roots

Key Programmes
Mother Tongue (MT) Fortnight Programme
MT Fortnight aims to enable students to appreciate their Mother Tongue and culture.  All students taking Chinese Language (CL) and Malay Language will be involved in a series of activities such as cultural workshops, competitions and learning journeys.

Chinese Cultural Immersion Programme 
All Secondary 1 and 2 Express students taking Higher CL/CL will be offered this programme. It is a school-based enrichment programme where students learn about the history and development of traditional Chinese culture such as costumes, cuisines, architecture, Chinese medicine, wedding ceremonies etc.

3-minute speech
Based on a topic given, students prepare a 3-minute speech to be presented in class. This activity provides a platform for all students to express themselves clearly and confidently. Teachers’ feedback and peers' critique which are given aim to help the students improve and become better communicators.