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Inquisitive Learners, Creative Problem Solvers

To ignite the passion for learning; to develop inquiring and creative minds

The approach to the teaching and learning of Science involves:
  1. Implementation of inquiry-based instruction to develop critical science inquiry skills and engage students' mind
  2. Infusion of metacognitive processes to develop independent thinkers and self-directed learners
  3. Contextualised learning to provide opportunities for students to apply their scientific knowledge to solve real-world problems

Key Programmes
INSPIRE allows students to achieve multiple spires of excellence in the area of Science. The programme aims to:
  • further develop the skills and abilities of students talented in science by providing an environment where students can work with peers who share similar aspirations;
  • develop an appreciation, knowledge and understanding of techniques and skills in scientific study and research methodologies; and
  • build 21st century competencies such as Critical and Inventive Thinking and Communication and Collaboration skills.

There are three tiers in INSPIRE: 
Tier 1 - General scientific modules and speaker series for all INSPIRE students
Tier 2 - Specialised interest-based modules in partnership with external agencies and polytechnics
Tier 3 - Academic-based modules for selected students such as Junior Olympiads training

Science Enrichment Programme
Science Enrichment Programme aims to provide a vibrant science learning environment with impactful learning experiences targeting the different learning needs and interests of students. It provides students with the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of their environment and the role of science in their everyday life and widen their knowledge of science beyond the textbook. The programme includes learning journeys and interest-based workshops (in areas such as Food Science, Forensic Science and Engineering Science) for all students.