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Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

To enable Fuhuanites to connect academic knowledge with the real world through experiential learning To build their analytical skills through the scientific method

Students experience a 5-step investigative approach in the programme:
  1. Introduction to crime - students to consider what evidence is present
  2. Experimentation - students to conduct experiments based on hypothesis
  3. Observation - students to collect data
  4. Analysis of information - students to make interpret findings
  5. Reflection and conclusion - students to relate findings and data to the crime

Programme Structure
Core Programme
All lower secondary students undergo a one-year programme which focuses on inculcating scientific thinking skills through the delivery of lessons built on teaching various forensic techniques used in crime scene investigation. All lessons are designed to include hands-on activities that engage the students and promote scientific thinking.

Elective Programme
Modules on specialised forensic techniques (e.g. digital forensics) are offered to selected students with a deep interest in forensic science for them to acquire knowledge and skills beyond the Core Programmme.