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Character and Citizenship Education

Students of character who have compassion and are ready to serve

To provide platforms for Fuhuanites to develop good character, and champion social causes for the betterment of the larger community

The approach to the teaching and learning in CCE involves:
  1. Alignment of CCE framework with school values – Respect, Integrity, Service & Excellence – to guide students' attitude and actions
  2. Development of students' character through Moral knowing, Moral feeling and Moral doing, which is girded by Thomas Lickona's Theory of Character Education
  3. Whole-school approach to inculcating core values and skills through formal curriculum and experiential programmes
  4. Development of empathy in Values-in-Action (VIA) through the Design Thinking approach

Key Programmes
Foundation Programme
Foundation Programme aims to inculcate core values and skills through multiple platforms at the school-wide level including Instructional Programmes, CCE lessons, Form Teacher periods, National Education, Values-in-Action, Sexuality Education, Education and Career Guidance Programme and other level-based programmes. 

For more information about Sexuality Education at Fuhua Secondary School, please click here.

Experiential Programme
Experiential Programme aims to inculcate core values and skills through hands-on learning opportunities such as CCA, VIA, and local and overseas camps.   

Design Thinking in VIA
Design Thinking in VIA Lower Secondary students undergo a series of Design Thinking in VIA lessons, build empathy, and eventually advocate for their ideas at Champion a Cause Day in Secondary 2. At Secondary 3, students embark on a class-initiated VIA for a client group or a community need using Design Thinking.