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Co-curricular Activities Programme

Passionate and holistically developed Fuhuanites leading balanced lives

To develop students’ talents to their fullest potential while cultivating upstanding character

The Co-curricular Activities (CCA) Programme provides Fuhuanites with a platform to discover their interests, talents and to strive for excellence. It aims to ignite in Fuhuanites a lifelong love for a particular activity, allowing them to lead a balanced life in adulthood. Through active participation in CCAs, Fuhuanites strengthen the cultivation of school values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence while developing friendships and collaborating with other Fuhuanites.

In planning and implementing our CCA programmes, it is ensured that there is: 
  1. Breadth of experiences that support students’ holistic development and expand their learning
  2. Development and progression in the learning experiences that deepen students’ knowledge, skills and values
  3. Balance between individual pursuit of excellence and collaboration that allow for participation by all students
  4. Social bonding and integration which present opportunities for friendships and teamwork

The specific knowledge, skills and values developed depends on the choice of CCA. There are four broad clusters of CCAs: Clubs and Societies, Physical Sports, Uniformed Groups, and Visual and Performing Arts.

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