National Cadet Corps

About Us

Our mission is to inspire our cadets to always strive for excellence. The unit also prepares them to be leaders who possess the right values of loyalty to country, uprightness, leadership, discipline, commitment and responsibility, care for fellow cadets, adventurous spirit and safety of cadets. In 2017, our cadets came in 4th for Freestyle drill competition at district level and 3rd in national level.

OUR Key Programmes

  • One Star Kayaking Course, Laser Quest & Amazing Race, Orienteering course
  • Learning Journey to SDC and Army Museum

OUR Achievements

  • Best Land Boys (2006 – 2014) 
  • Gold Award for Best Unit Competition (2004 – 2016) 
  • 2016 Shooting Competition: 1st (Sec 2)
  • Orienteering Competition 2016:  1st in route, Overall Champions
  • Freestyle Drill Competition 2017 : 4th (West District), 3rd (Nationals)
  • CM Phillip Award for 10 consecutive Gold Award for Best Unit Competition 
  • Outstanding Cadet Award (MSG Kenneth Tan Hong Wei from 4E6 )
  • Outstanding Cadet Award (MSG Wee Hong Yao, Marcus from 4E2)