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National Police Cadet Corps

About Us

We aim to develop cadets to be disciplined, active, and concerned community leaders with strong civic, social, and moral values to upkeep peace in Singapore through partnership with the Singapore Police Force in heightening crime awareness. In 2017, Fuhua NPCC has won the Unit Overall Proficiency Award (Gold) for the sixth consecutive year.   

OUR Key Programmes

  • Community Safety and Security Programme
  • Police Youth Ambassador Programme
  • Resilience and Leadership Development Programmes
  • NPCC Annual Parade
  • Annual Area 18 Games Day
  • NPCC Inter-Unit Annual 0.22 Revolver Shooting Competition 
  • NPCC Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition
  • NPCC Inter-unit Drill Competition
  • Adventure and Survival Training Camps
  • Basic Law and Police Procedures
  • Advanced Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
  • Weapons Handling and Safety Training 
  • Overseas Educational Visits (Hong Kong & Brunei) 
  • Outward Bound School Overseas Programme (Sabah)

OUR Achievements

  • NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency Award: Gold (2011-2016) 
  • 7th position in 0.22 Revolver Shooting Competition 2016 (Boys Individual) 
  • 2nd position in 0.22 Revolver Shooting Competition 2015 (Boys Individual) 
  • 4th position in 0.22 Revolver Shooting Competition 2012 (Boys Team) 
  • Top 50 in Inter-unit Campcraft Competition 2016
  • Top 40 in Inter-unit Drills Competition 2017