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Physical Education

Fuhuanites: Active, Healthy Individuals with Strong Body and Mind

To develop in Fuhuanites the love for physical activities and the commitment to a healthy lifestyle

The approach focuses on the three learning areas of Physical Education: Physical Activities, Physical Health and Fitness, and Outdoor Education
Physical Activities (using the Games Concept Approach)
  • Application of skills and concepts across a variety of authentic physical activity settings
  • Participation in recreational and organised non-competitive physical activities
  • Learning and demonstration of values
Physical Health and Fitness
  • Healthy Eating and Weight Management
  • Health and Fitness Management
  • Personal Safety when engaged in physical activities
Outdoor Education
  • Imparting of values and life skills such as resilience, ruggedness and teamwork
  • Building of competency in assessing and managing risk in authentic outdoor settings
  • Developing of an appreciation of the outdoors and a sense of place

Key Programmes
Play in Action
Play in Action imparts skills and knowledge of a range of sports across the three categories of invasion, net barrier and striking-and-fielding. This serves to introduce students to different sports for them to discover their interests and enable them to develop the habit of participating in sports. The department organises an inter-class Sports Carnival where students experience and apply their learning at a competitive platform and display values such as sportsmanship, teamwork and excellence.

Body in Motion
Body in Motion builds students' fitness level, increase their nutritional knowledge and cultivate habits towards a healthy lifestyle. The ReAction Programme provides additional support for some students. Partnering Active SG, identified students take part in physical activities outside school with guidance from certified fitness instructors. The department also works with Health Promotion Board to organise enriching exercise classes such as piloxing, Tabata training and other fun sports to introduce and encourage students to continue to engage in physical activities after they graduate.

Outdoor Adventure Camps
The Secondary 2 'Beyond Comfort Zone' Outdoor Adventure Camp extends students’ skills and knowledge for the outdoors, builds their resilience to face adverse situations and develops a sense of ruggedness. Before the camp, students are taught different outdoor and life skills at various levels in three broad areas: Camp Craft, Orienteering, Risk Assessment and Management. Students are then given opportunities to apply their learning at 'Beyond Comfort Zone' and the Outward Bound School in Secondary 3.