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Student Well-being


Every Fuhuanite a Thriver

To develop resilience in every Fuhuanite

The school develops resilience in students through building in them positive emotions, engagement and relationships so that they can leverage them to change challenges into opportunities to achieve their goals.

Key Programmes
All students will undergo programmes that will equip them with good foundation in their soft skills. Some of the programmes include Education and Career Guidance (ECG), customised Form Teacher periods, Secondary One Orientation, Secondary Two and Three level camps, Secondary Four Career Day and chit-chat sessions with their teachers.

Some other programmes to provide additional support to students include After School Engagement programme, Timeout programme, Advanced Elective Modules, Elective Modules and Integration programme for International Students and Permanent Residents.

To ensure a safe and condusive environment for learning, students are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations listed in the Code of Conduct.