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Fuhuanites are in school to acquire the knowledge, skills and values to prepare them for future as responsible adults who will care for their family and contribute to society and nation. Fuhuanites understand that learning is cumulative -- it requires a strong commitment to excellence and regular attendance to ensure they reap the full benefits of learning.

  1. Attendance for lessons during school term and CCA sessions is compulsory. Students who are unable to attend school (with valid reason) have to inform the respective Form Teacher / OM / DM on the same day. FTs are to collect the a medical certificate or letter of absence from the student on the next school day.
  2. Attendance for all common tests / examinations is compulsory. Only a valid medical certificate will be accepted.
  3. Students leaving the school during school hours have to seek permission from the FT / HOD Disc / VPs / Principal.


Fuhuanites show self-respect by taking care to look neat and well groomed at all times. To uphold the good name of our school, each Fuhuanite will wear his uniform with pride and observe the school dress code at all times.

1. Prescribed Uniform

  1. Students must wear the prescribed school uniform; any modification to the uniform is not allowed.
  2. The uniform should be worn neatly and appropriately at all times.
  • Formal uniform: blouses/shirts to be tucked in at all times
    • Boys: Long pants to be worn at waist level. Tapered/baggy trousers are not allowed.
      • Girls: Skirts should be knee-length


      2. Footwear

      1. All students are allowed to wear sports shoes as long as they are predominantly white without bright or luminous colours. Sandals (with back straps) may be worn only when a student is suffering from a foot/ankle injury.  NO slippers are to be worn.
      2. For hygiene purposes, all students should wear socks with their shoes. Only white socks are allowed. Ankle socks can be worn only if they are clearly visible above the shoes.


      3. Grooming

      1. Students must maintain a neat and appropriate hairstyle at all times. Students  are not allowed  to tint or dye their hair.
      2. The following are for compliance:
          For boys:
      • Hair must be cut short (at least 3 cm above the collar) – fringe above the eyebrows and ears and no side-burns.
        • All male students must be clean-shaven. No facial hair (moustache, beard or sideburns) is allowed.
        • No accessories (earrings/jewellery)
        • Keep fingernails short and trimmed.

            For girls:
        • Long hair must be tied up neatly with black/ dark-coloured hair accessories.
        • Fringe must be above eyebrows. Long fringe to be pinned up.
        • No nail polish, henna or make-up is allowed.
        • Multiple earrings or ear-studs are not allowed. Only simple ear studs [one on each ear] are allowed.

            The following are not allowed:
        • Colourful or flashy or chunky jewellery (rings, earrings, bracelets) or other accessories such as leather neckbands, bead chokers etc.
        • Tinted glasses, sunglasses, coloured contact lenses
        • Caps and hats
        • Tongue studs, eyebrow studs or any kind of body piercing
        • Tattoos or body art (even if they are stickers or of non-permanent ink)

                          Any student found wearing the above items will be asked to remove them immediately. For repeat offenders, the items may be confiscated.


                          Fuhuanites strive to cultivate a positive attitude towards their work, peers and teachers. Every Fuhuanite is mindful of his responsibilities as a student, and the importance of showing consideration and respect to others.

                          1. Flag Raising Ceremony

                          1. Students must attend the Flag-raising Ceremony at 0730 in the Parade Square. For wet weather and alternative arrangements, the Flag-raising ceremony will be held in the classrooms / hall.
                          2. Students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.
                          3. Attendance is taken during the Flag Raising Ceremony. Students who are not present at the Parade Square will be marked late or absent.


                          2. Conduct during Lessons

                          1. During lessons, any student who wishes to leave the class for a valid reason is to request for the ‘Student Movement Pass’ from their Subject Teacher before he can do so.
                          2. Every student is to abide by the classroom rules and routines established under GEAR-UP.
                          3. The use of mobile phone, camera, audio / video equipment or unauthorised electronic devices is strictly prohibited in the classroom and during CCA and school activities.
                          4. Students may use their mobile phone, in the school compound, before and after school hours, during recess and lunch break. Otherwise, the mobile phone would be confiscated for a minimum period of one week.
                          5. Students are to engage in reading or do assignments in the absence of a teacher. Leaving the classroom or indulging in games is not allowed.
                          6. The school reserves the right to inspect any personal belongings of students for the purpose of security.


                          3. Conduct Outside School

                          1. Students in uniform are not to loiter at shopping centres, fast food restaurants, playgrounds or void decks after school.
                          2. Students must seek permission from General Office before inviting visitors to school or to organise school activities.
                          3. No student is allowed to approach, write to or make contact with an external agency in the name of the school without the approval of the Principal.
                          4. Students must not misuse the Internet to defame the school or any members of the staff or student body. It is the duty of every student to observe the school values at all times.


                          As a person of integrity, every Fuhanite takes responsibility for his words and actions and understand that he will be subjected to disciplinary action if he breaches school rules. 

                          1. Merit & Demerit Point System

                          1. Students who perform notable acts of kindness or have rendered service to the school are awarded merit points. On the other hand students will be given demerit points if they have committed an offence. At the beginning of the first semester, students have zero net merit points. Students can carry forward their merit points to the second semester. 
                          2. When a student is awarded with merit points, the points will be added to his net merit points. When a student receives demerit points, the points will be deducted from his net merit points. At the start of the second semester, each student will begin with either zero net merit points or the net merit points carried forward from the first semester, whichever is higher.
                          3. All teachers are authorised to issue merit or demerit points. It has to be documented in the Rewards & Consequences System, RnC, and submitted to the Discipline Committee.
                          4. The net merit points will be used to determine the Conduct Grade for each student, to be reflected in his Termly Progress Report/ Holistic Development Profile (HDF).

                          Net Merit Points

                          Grade for School Conduct

                          11 & Above


                          1 to 10

                          Very Good

                          -7 to 0


                          -10 to -8


                          -11 & below



                          The students’ Conduct Grade will be reflected in the results slip, leaving certificate and testimonial.

                          2. Merit Points


                          Merit Points Awarded

                          Public Spiritedness 
                            • Keeping teachers informed of culprits for serious offences related to theft, vandalism, smoking etc


                            • Acts of civic consciousness e.g. returning of lost items or valuables


                            • Rendering assistance to fellow students e.g. rendering first aid to injured students


                            Representation (not for CCAs) to bring good name to the school 
                              • Inter-school level


                              • National level


                              • State level

                              (NB: CCA representation will be awarded points under the LEAPS system)


                              Exemplary Service 
                                • To class
                                1. Leading, planning or organising in class activities
                                2. Contribution to class activity/participation after curriculum time



                                • To school

                                -     Providing yeomen service and assistance during school/cluster functions e.g. Cross Country, Speech Day, NE events


                                -     Prefects/Sports Leaders/Class Committee in Organising Committees of School Events


                                -     Performance at school assemblies and functions.


                                -     Any other category



                                3. Demerit Points




                                Demerit Points

                                (per instance)


                                Absence without valid reason for

                                • lessons & remedial sessions
                                • school events & activities
                                • CCA practices
                                • Persistent Truancy#

                                FTs / Teachers-in-charge to

                                • Warn & counsel student, inform parents
                                1. (1 st  – 3 rd  occurrence)

                                More than 3 occurrences

                                • Meet Parents, sign letter of undertaking
                                • Student to be referred for counselling by School Counsellor
                                • Detention Class
                                • In-house suspension
                                • Reflection Time at home for 2 weeks

                                1 – 2


                                • Late-coming
                                • Persistent late-coming #
                                • Reminder issued / Detention
                                1. (1 st  – 3 rd  occurrence)
                                2. (4 th  – 6 th  occurrence)
                                3. (6 th  – 10 th  occurrence)
                                • Warning issued after counselling
                                • Parents will be informed for recalcitrant students; sign letter of undertaking

                                More than 10 occurrences

                                • In-house suspension
                                • Reflection Time at home for 2 weeks

                                1 – 2

                                3 – 5


                                Any breach of rules related to dress code and personal appearance as stated in the Code of Conduct

                                E.g.     inappropriate hairstyles, untidy appearance (blouse or shirt not tucked in), skirts that are too short, pants that are too tight, tattoos and piercings.

                                • Rectification (students may be sent home or suspended) & reminder
                                • Warning issued after counselling
                                • Parents will be informed for recalcitrant students; sign compliance form

                                1 – 2

                                ATTITUDE & CONDUCT

                                Failure / refusal to bring books 
                                &/or complete assignments


                                • Reminder
                                1. (1 st  – 2 nd  occurrence)
                                2. (3 rd  – 4 th  occurrence)
                                • Warning issued after counselling
                                • Parents will be informed for recalcitrant students; sign letter of undertaking

                                1 – 2

                                Unauthorised use of hand- phones / electronic devices / playing cards etc on school premises
                                •  Reminder
                                1. (1 st  occurrence)
                                2. (2 nd  occurrence)
                                3. (3 rd  occurrence)
                                • Warning issued after counselling
                                • Mobile phone/equipment may be confiscated for 1 week
                                 1 – 5
                                Smoking & or Possession of tobacco products or lighter# : within school premises or outside (in school uniform)
                                  Parents will be informed
                                • Caning &/or Detention
                                • HAS will be notified to take further action (OM)
                                Rudeness & Defiance# : use of disrespectful / vulgar language towards staff / fellow students
                                • Parents will be informed
                                • Caning &/or Detention
                                • Suspension
                                Theft #
                                •   Parents will be informed
                                • Caning / Suspension / Police assistance
                                Forgery# : copying of parent/guardian’s signature
                                • Parents will be informed
                                • Caning / Suspension
                                Abuse of technology# : abuse of blogging / hacking / defamation etc
                                • Parents will be informed
                                • Caning / Suspension
                                Cheating in Exams
                                • Parents will be informed
                                • Zero Mark
                                • Caning / Suspension
                                10 – 20 
                                 Assault / Fighting / Bullying / Gangsterism
                                  Parents will be informed
                                • Caning / Suspension
                                • Expulsion for repeated offenders
                                 10 – 20


                                **       The school reserves all rights to add, amend or adjust the code of conduct, disciplinary action, system of demerit points deemed appropriate to maintain the good moral tone of the school and to curtail behaviour that is unbecoming or detrimental.

                                #          Students involved must attend mandatory counselling with School Counsellor. Parents will be invited to meet the Form Teacher and DM or the VP/Principal to work together to help the student.

                                4. Conduct Grade Criteria





                                Very Good








                                Net Merit Points

                                11 or more

                                1 to 10

                                -7 to 0

                                -10 to -8

                                -11 or less

                                CCA Attendance

                                minimum 90%

                                minimum 90%

                                minimum 75%

                                less than 75%

                                less than 75%


                                The criteria to determine the Conduct Grade received by a student comprise the following:

                                • Net Merit Points
                                  • CCA Attendance


                                    If a student attains a Fair / Poor Conduct, he or she may not be entitled to receive any testimonial, scholarship, bursary or award. Student leadership appointments will also be relinquished and other privileges will also be removed from him or her.

                                    PERSONAL LEARNING DEVICE USER POLICY


                                    1. In Fuhua Secondary School, we believe in developing Responsible, Effective & Discerning ICT users with the capacity for Higher Order Thinking (RED-HOT). To enhance the overall experience, users are expected to abide by the usage policy on Personal Learning Device (PLD) which includes but is not limited to the following:

                                    GENERAL GUIDELINES

                                    2. A Personal Learning Device (PLD) refers to any smart device including mobile phones, personal laptops, slate PC, Apple iPads that are owned by students or on loan from the School ICT Department.

                                    3. In using their PLD, students shall not engage in any activities that are in violation of the laws of Singapore, in particular (but not limited to), the Computer Misuse Act.

                                    4. For student-owned Personal Learning Device --

                                    a) Students are to keep all devices off their tables unless otherwise instructed by their teacher during lesson time.

                                    b) Students are not allowed to access all devices during lessons and in between timetabled periods unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional/learning purposes.

                                    c) Students may save their work to their Google Docs (Drive) accounts under the school official Learing Management System (AsknLearn LMS).   

                                    CODE OF CONDUCT FOR PLD

                                    5. In using PLD, all students are expected to be guided by the school RISE values to be Responsible, Effective and Discerning users, as set out in the following table:

                                    School Value

                                    Grade for School Conduct


                                    Do unto others what you want others to do unto you.
                                    Demonstrate proper internet etiquette - be mindful of language     and tone when posting your comments online.  
                                    Strive never to hurt, flame, bully, harass or stalk others.
                                    Respect other users’ privacy.

                                    Protect your own private information.


                                    Respect intellectual property rights; acknowledge your sources        and to seek  permission before usage.
                                    Personal information (includes userid and password) should not      be shared.  
                                    Do not provide untruthful information or assume another                  person’s identity.
                                    Do not abuse the network bandwidth for personal gain.
                                    Please charge your personal PLD at home.


                                    Be supportive of your friends in the proper use of PLD.
                                    Report any misuse, abuse or cyber-bullying to your Form                   Teacher. 


                                    • Use the PLD for your own learning and development to help you      progress in your  academic pursuit or co-curriculum activities. 

                                     Refer to the school Cyber Wellness@Fuhua Portal (https://www.facebook.com/cyberfuhua) for more Cyber Wellness tips.

                                    SERIOUS OFFENCES

                                    6.  Using the network for illegal activities, including copyright violations, downloading of inappropriate materials, and/or software, hacking and hosting file sharing software, are prohibited.

                                    7. Any breach or non-compliance will be referred to the Discipline Committee which will result in consequences set out in the School Rules & Regulations, depending on the severity of the offence.

                                    8.  The school reserves all rights to add, amend or adjust the PLD Policy as necessary to maintain the moral tone of the school and/or to curtail unbecoming behaviour.