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Welcome to the home of the Fuhua Alumni!

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Upcoming Events (2021)

-Alumni Mentoring Programme (AMP)<SUSPENDED>
-CNY Lohei Gathering 
To Be Confirmed
Alumni Meetup  -
17 Sept 2021Fuhuanites Reunite!  Virtual

Be part of the Fuhua Alumni! 

If you are interested to give back to your alma mater, feel free to join us! Membership costs nothing but means everything to us! 


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Look for us on Facebook or Instagram to check our photographs of our events. Look out for special announcements and updates too! 

Contact Us! 

Keen to join but have questions? You can direct your questions / clarifications to the teachers below. Please give us 1-3 working days to get back to you. Thank you! 

Name of ContactEmail Address
Mr Chia Chun Teckchia_chun_teck@schools.gov.sg
Ms Huang Xiaojunhuang_xiaojun@schools.gov.sg
 Ms Er Ying Ying er_ying_ying@schools.gov.sg