20th Anniversary Celebrations & Prize-Giving Day

On 3 July, Fuhua held our 20th Anniversary Celebrations and Prize-Giving Day. The theme this year was “Our Fuhua Heartbeat”. Close to 100 alumni members gathered at their alma mater’s grounds, coming together as one big family to celebrate the school’s 20th Anniversary by reminiscing the old school days and connecting with former principals, teachers and schoolmates.

The celebration was graced by the presence of our Guest-of-Honour, Mr Ang Wei Neng, Advisor, Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations. We were delighted to have Mr Ang officiate the opening of our heritage corridor, tile wall mural and SPADE (Studio, Playroom, Art Appreciation Corner, Digital and Media Room and Exhibition Gallery). Mr Ang, along with Miss Foong, Mr Andrew Lim, Superintendent, West 7 and Mr William Leong, the Chairman of our School Advisory Committee also presented various awards to our Fuhuanites, staff and partners, acknowledging and affirming them for their achievements and contributions.

The heartwarming theme-inspired performances by our student groups, the Band, Chinese Dance and Wushu, Chinese Orchestra, Choir, Malay Language and Cultural Society were well-received by our guests. Our National Cadet Corps boys also wowed the audience with their synchronised and high-energy moves, complete with dazzling props. We also invited our popular crosstalk alumni duo, Yu Jie Chong and Zhou Zeyu, to present their item “回家“. Not forgetting our Parent Support Group who collaborated with our Chinese Orchestra to perform a stirring Chinese Drum performance, winning accolades and cheers from the audience.                        

The 20th Anniversary Celebrations and Prize-Giving Day came to a close with the resounding voices of our Fuhuanites singing the school song. Many heartbeats coming as one, we experienced the Fuhua Heartbeat that will continue to resonate in us for years to come!


20th Anniversary Celebrations