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Principal's Message

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As Fuhua Secondary steps into the new decade, she is driven by greater resolve and commitment to deliver her mission of nurturing OUR - Outstanding, Upstanding and Ready for the Future, ready for the new decade, Fuhuanites.

What are the distinctive qualities of OUR Fuhuanites?

OUR Fuhuanites are Outstanding individuals who learn and achieve at high levels. They are passionate learners who possess a strong academic foundation and are able to apply their academic knowledge in the real world. They are T-shaped Fuhuanites equipped with both the breadth of experience and depth of expertise who excel in the area of their talents. They are active, healthy individuals strong in body and mind. They are also creative and enterprising individuals who appreciate the arts.

OUR Fuhuanites are Upstanding citizens of resilient character who serve with compassion, lead with purpose and inspire with action. Cradled in a positive ecosystem made of caring communities and supportive relationships, Fuhuanites are equipped with socio-emotional competencies that will allow them to thrive in the face of adversities. They are community youth leaders imbued with traits of a servant leader as they live out the school’s core values - Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence.

OUR Fuhuanites are Ready for the Future as they will learn, unlearn and relearn. They are innovative problem solvers equipped with emerging 21st century competencies encompassing critical thinking, cross-cultural, communication and digital skills. They are life-long learners who possess the necessary knowledge, skills and values to make informed decisions at each key education stage for successful transition from school to further education or work and thereafter make informed decisions about family and career.

To develop these distinctive qualities, the school will continue to focus on the holistic education that she provides to realise the dispositions of a Passionate Learner, a Confident Communicator, an Innovative Problem Solver and a Servant Leader. The focus will see, among other initiatives, the expansion of the Applied Learning Programme to include the understanding of the importance of food security and sustainability to Singapore. And to facilitate this, the school will be installing an urban vertical farm to allow Fuhuanites to delve into plant science and forensics. It will also see the use of the environment as a third teacher to nurture creativity and curiosity and to cultivate collaborative and self-directed learning. The re-designed library, the ILLUMIND, aims to be a place that will stimulate making and prototyping and looking for solutions to future problems. The teachers will also continue to focus on providing learning experiences, in and outside the formal classroom, that will fuel the joy of learning and set the belief in lifelong learning.

Fuhua is in a strong position to embrace the exciting challenges in the new decade. The strong support of the School Advisory Committee and the parents; the dedication and commitment of the staff and the determination and industry of Fuhuanites will enable the school to continue to thrive in her strive for excellence in 2020 and beyond.

Miss Foong Lai Leong