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Principal's Message

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OUR Fuhua Heartbeat

Fuhua is 20 this year. The school came in to being in 1999 with our founding principal Mr Ong Kian Choon at the helm.  Birthed at the dawning of the new millennium, of the 21st Century, the single minded and single hearted ( ) mission of the school was to nurture outstanding, upstanding young men and women who are ready for the future.

We are very grateful to Mr Ong, Mdm Oen Siew Yock, our second Principal and Mdm Jennifer Tan, our third Principal, for concretising this mission and setting it into the hearts and minds of the teachers and students through their strong leadership and commitment to the cause. Their steadfast and future focussed efforts, very well supported by committed and dedicated staff, have allowed the school to, in the short space of 20 years, make its mark in various domains. 

I am very privileged to be able to share the important milestones of the school in the last 20 years and its recent achievements here.

Mr Ong and the pioneer staff wasted no time and effort in establishing robust academic and non-academic programmes to realise the potential and aspirations of Fuhuanites.

This saw the school coming away from our first foray into the Singapore Youth Festival in 2001 with a Silver award in the Chinese Dance category and the Chinese Orchestra garnered a Bronze award. 20 years on, in this year’s Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, both the Chinese Dance Club and the Chinese Orchestra garnered a Certificate of Distinction.

The school’s robotics teams garnered the privilege of representing Singapore in international robotics competitions and this was achieved when Fuhua was still very much a young school of 4 years. Robotics was accorded the niche status by the Ministry of Education in 2007 and continued to be a major competitor in the international arena. The school  was ranked 7th in the Junior High Category in the World Robot Olympiad/India in 2016 and in the 2017 Olympiad in Costa Rica, the school came in 18th and 33rd in a field of 86. At the First Lego League competition this year the team came in 1st in the Best Robot Performance category and 2nd overall.

Our first set of GCE O Level results, released in 2004, which include 99.5% of the students securing 3 O level passes, are a strong indication of the commitment of the pioneer staff and students to the school’s motto Strive for Excellence.  20 years on, there was no relenting of this strong commitment.  

I am very delighted to report that at the 2018 GCE O Level examinations, our Fuhuanites recorded a percentage rate of 90.6% for 5 O level passes which is 6 percentage points higher than the national figure. The students in the Express Course did the school proud by recording 100 percent pass in 10 subjects.  The students in the Normal Academic Course also recorded 100 percentage pass in 5 subjects. Students in the Normal Academic course also performed well above expectations in the 2018 GCE N Level Examinations. They recorded 100 percentage pass in 9 subjects. And 98.7 percent were eligible for promotion to Secondary 5N.

The school is single-minded about future proofing ours students. To this end, the school in 2015 formalised the Applied Learning Programme which aims to nurture critical thinking skills, communication skills and other important 21st century skills via the platform Forensic Science where they learn skills like analysing fingerprints, blood splatter patterns, handwriting and programming lie detectors and burglar alarms using Arduino, an open-source software.  To make learning come to life for the students, the school procured a second-hand car for them to explore car crash scenarios and understand more about moving speeds and braking distances.

And since its inception, the Applied Learning Programme has grown in breadth and depth. While it remains true to its aim of honing 21st century competencies, it no longer rests in the Sciences only. It is now multi-disciplinary incorporating elements of coding, design and the social sciences.

The Learning for Life Programme which focusses on community youth leadership formalised in 2016 has also since then been augmented with the focus on design thinking to translate empathy into action as well as to strengthen cross-cultural literacy.

To support these programmes and to allow the school to use space as a third teacher, the school’s infrastructure has undergone makeovers.  The SPADE, the made over art room, now supports multi modal teaching and learning. The plan to redesign the library into a vibrant learning hub is underway. All these improvements are made possible by the support of the Ministry of Education and the School Advisory Committee.

The hardware is important. But more importantly is the heart ware. The passion and commitment of the staff is key in the growth of Fuhua in the last 20 years. Our teachers and support staff strive to do the best, in their many areas of work to help realise the potential and aspirations of the students.

And their work is not only recognised within the school, it has also been affirmed beyond the school.  The school is very delighted that Miss Yeo Cheng Yong LT/Mathematics is one of 5 recipients of this year’s Excellence in Mathematics Teaching Award 2019, an award given by the Association of Mathematics Educators/NIE.

Fuhua would not have been able to gather momentum and stamina so quickly if not for the unflinching support of the School Advisory Committee, Parent Support Group, the alumni and community partners.     

The School Advisory Committee has made possible the Fuhua SAC Scholarship for Secondary One Fuhuanites. 

The Parent Support Group which has grown to a membership of about 300 has helped the school in strengthening the communication between the school and the parents. They have also made the school experience for the students and staff a more exciting and meaningful one.           

The continued support of the alumni allowed the school’s uniformed groups to sustain their standing as a Gold unit.

Without the unfailing support of our partners, some of the school’s signature programmes would not have scaled the heights they did. The collaboration between Fuhua and Jurong Central RC Zone has allowed Project Love, a project to bring cheer to needy families in Jurong East and West, to enter into its 9th year of service to the community. The partnership of the Mathematics Department with Junior Achievement availed Fuhuanites of attachments to companies and agencies like Caterpillar and Bloomberg. It has also allowed them to be involved in social innovation projects. The team of 4 Fuhuanites who designed an app to help supermarkets reduce food wastage and at the same time provide food for the needy came in 3rd in the Singapore round of the finals in the Social Innovation Relay, a competition organised by Junior Achievement.

With the continued support of all our stakeholders and community partners and the commitment and dedication of the staff, we are confident that Fuhua will continue to grow in strength and stature in nurturing Outstanding, Upstanding and Ready for the Future Fuhuanites.

Fuhua looks forward to the next 20 years of its wholehearted (全心全意) mission in education!

Miss Foong Lai Leong